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Trout Expedition

The Badger class raised trout from eggs in their classroom.  As part of their expedition, each student became an expert on a species of fish.  Below are illustrations from the expedition.  They are also available as note cards.   

Aboriginal People of Australia

The Badger class studied the aboriginal people of Australia.  Through research, story writing, poetry and art, we are exploring the unique aspects of this rich and mysterious culture.  Students also created totems made in the style of Aboriginal Dot Art.  They chose animals that represented them and wrote descriptions or poems about their totems.  See more artwork here.  

Here are poems based on our current expedition looking at Australian Aboriginal Culture:

"The Life of Australia"
By Noah Sarkissian

As the spirits flow throughout Australia I listen to what they say
From the Dreamtime and normal time, I'm one with Nature
As the ocean sings and dances to its song, it hears the whisper of an eagle
The animals find safety and reassure themselves with their families
The plants tilt from side to side making tiny sounds
I can smell the flowers around me with their beautiful scents
I hunt to find food and medicine all around Australia for my lovely family
When I'm out and about I hear the kids' laughter shining bright from the sun
We play and tell stories to one another
We live in peace and learn to be one with Nature
To drink water from the earth's leaves and to know that We live life today

By Jonah Zisman

The breeze blows the eucalyptus
The river flows smoothly
Everything is at peace
No stress to put up with
It's not too hot or too cold
It's nice bathing in the river
There isn't anything to worry about
This is what I call....

By Berke Kidane

I can feel the suns razor sharp rays cut into my rough dark skin
Sweat beads down my head
The humidity sticks to my skin
I can feel the blistering hot sand burn my rough feet
Lizards slink suddenly around on the red sand
Hot wind blows on my burning flesh
The sky is filled with the ocean blue
Clouds are nowhere to be seen
I can feel my heart beat against my chest
The trees sway back and forth as the wind breaths across the desert
birds chirp soothing songs as I close my eyes
I can hear a nearby river flowing, flowing down to the unknown
I walk along short green grass
My throat tingles and begs for water
The cold river water trickles down my throat coating it with happiness
The water sings to me
Fish dance in the singing river
I smile for I know this is where I belong
In the harsh outback

"Cry of Birds"
By Gabe Maestas

The cry of the birds is in the air
Circling and spiraling with the wind
The hot day is near an end
And the birds have come out to play
First the crows
Next the small birds
Last, the eagle
That soars in with a screech
And silences the rest of the beasts
And for seconds the sky is quiet
But the sound is broken with a simple crow
And the sky begins its song again

"Storm in Australia"
By Leila Pierpont

Ouch, the sun burning down on my bare back, the hot desert sand under my feet
Clouds bank in the distance, I lie in the shade of a billabong tree, a kangaroo hops by
I don't chase it, I don't watch it, I just wait and relax not letting anything disturb me
The clouds come closer and cover the sun
I welcome the shade
Thunder booms and it starts to pour, I open my mouth to catch the fast fat drops coming down
Animals stir, water holding frogs come out and hop away to play and rejoice for the rain
Standing in the rain I feel the water trickle down my back
I am soaked through but I don't mind
Lightning splits the air and the rain pours harder
Clans welcome the oncoming downpour with smiles and shouts
Some young come out shouting and pointing, they dance and the adults smile, laugh and talk
Sun come out from behind as clouds bank shining down on the happy people below
It rains in the sun
The rain is slowly letting off
Rainbow shining through the clouds, all the colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Everyone stares up in awe, the light playing tricks on everyone's eyes
Rain is slowing down, slower, slower, stops.

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