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Counseling Corner

Exploration with Counseling  

In our classrooms, sometimes issues arise because of conflict between friends, or large emotions (sadness, anger, fear) related to personal experiences. Magdalena helps support our students by offering a communal space to talk generally and specifically about things that all humans face, such as conflict with friends, confusing or overwhelming emotions, loss, one’s voice, and seeking support. She comes to the classroom and discusses these themes, offering suggestions, coping skills (supporting the school's mission to encourage the whole child in all her/his abilities), and fun! She also spends time with small groups of our our students (3-5) exploring these same themes, using art directives, acting, and talking.

Also, at times, students seek out her support when they want individual attention. Confidentiality is an important factor in offering counseling and support. This means that the specifics that a person shares with Magdalena is not shared with teachers, other students, or other parents. Similarly, Magdalena uses discretion when discussing a student's meeting time with teachers, as well as during the transition from classroom to her office, which is on the second floor of the Underhill office. However, if a child is experiencing abuse or neglect by another or oneself, that information is handled and shared with the child’s best interest in mind. If a student comes to see Magdalena more than twice to discuss issues s/he is having, Magdalena will contact you.

There may be times when teachers suggest that a student spends some time with Magdalena, because of problems with friends, or following through with school work. This a conversation that teachers will have with parents first.

Magdalena does consult with teachers regarding group dynamics, and how to support students with their various abilities and needs. 

Magdalena also offers parent groups to help explore and strategize around trying issues, such as  boundaries, rules, space, choices, and self-careRead more about what she offers at SFSAS.

Feel free to set up a time to meet with Magdalena! Her hours are Wednesdays 11-3. Thursdays 9-3, and Fridays 10-3.


Magdalena Karlick, M.A., LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BC, SP

Magdalena is SFSAS' school counselor. She has a B.A. from NYU in Community Learning and Development and a M.A. in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College. Magdalena has many years of experience working with children and families therapeutically. She has worked with Youth Shelters in Santa Fe, in the public schools in Santa Fe and Pecos, as well as in New York City. She has been trained in Somatic Experiencing, Sandplay, and Psychodrama, and uses Art, Sandplay, body awareness, and a relational focus in therapeutic interactions. Magdalena is an independently licensed Art Therapist and Counselor, and a certified Sandplay practitioner. She is a teacher and adviser at Southwestern College in the Art Therapy and Counseling programs. She is also the president of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association.


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