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What Fundraising supported this school year

Together we raised $117,000 – for our Annual Fund, for our 8th Grade International Trip to Costa Rica and for our Reading is Magic camp.

Fundraising and Development this current school year:

As you know, tuition covers 85% of our expenses. The remaining 15% of our expenses are covered by our Annual Fund, the annual distribution from our Endowment Fund, and revenue from our summer camp program. So far we have raised $100,500 for our Annual Fund and this hard work made possible the following critical items for our school:

Professional Development ($15,000): It is critical for teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to reflect on their teaching practice, to learn from each other and to nurture the collegial relationships that are integral to a healthy successful school. Ongoing professional development also helps to keep our teachers up-to-date on research on how children learn, emerging technology tools, curriculum resources and more. In addition to the regular professional development provided during faculty retreats and meetings, teachers also attended conferences.

Earlier in the school year, Todd, Chintan, Nate and Joseph attended the EL Annual Conference in San Diego. More recently, Suzanne, Aurora, and Anais attended the New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference. 

Campus Repairs/Maintenance and Grounds Maintenance ($19,250): SFSAS continues to work on repairing old plumbing lines in the Unigazer building, our oldest campus building.  This year we have struggled to  determine the cause of clogged outgoing lines from the Unicorn classroom.  The solution requires trenching in the Unigazer play yard, and this work will be completed immediately after the regular school year and will total $7,000. More trenching to properly bury computer network lines in conduit will continue over the summer months when summer camp is not in session.  $4,000 is budgeted for this work.  A new heater that meets code was installed in Underhill Hall and cost $1,900.  Wildlife is both a blessing and a challenge on our campus, as is typical in Santa Fe.  This year, a family of skunks settled under one of our buildings. Critter Control was able to relocate the skunk family (totaling 12 skunks) and it cost the school $1,100.  $1,800 was also spent to remove several truckloads of organic waste, mostly weeds and compost from our campus.  The remaining $3,450 is for summer and regular maintenance.    

Classroom supplies/printing and reproduction - ($10,100): Most of our classroom supplies are covered by Materials and Insurance fees, but about 18% is not covered by this fee.

43% of Financial Aid Awards - ($56,150): Diversity is a core value of our school and a primary reason for the school’s foundation. All of our students are enriched by the diversity on our campus, in all its forms. Thirty-five percent of our students receive financial aid. The median annual household income of families receiving aid is $40,000. We awarded $132,000 in financial aid and the remaining 57% of aid is covered by our Endowment Fund distribution and net revenue from our summer camp program.

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