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Congratulations to our Filmmakers!

Cinemakids was founded in 2000 by Mary Celeste Kearney, a professor in UT’s Department of Radio-Television-Film, in order to honor young filmmakers and to inspire other youths to see film production as a fun hobby, a means of creative expression, a form of civic engagement, and a possible profession. We just received this letter from Cinemakids:

Congratulations! Your students' films -- TOO PLUGGED IN, JUST LIKE YOU, and WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL -- have been selected for the Cinemakids 2010 screening program. The selection committee unanimously agreed that these films should be in our program, and we sincerely hope that our screening of them will bring your students the recognition they deserve as up-and-coming young filmmakers.

The 2010 Cinemakids screening will take place on Saturday, September 18 in Austin, Texas. We hope you and your students will be able join us. If that looks like a possibility, please let me know so that I can send further details about the time and location of our event.

Thanks again for submitting these entries to Cinemakids, and congratulations on their selection for our 2010 program!

All the best,

Mary Celeste Kearney

Mary Celeste Kearney, Director
Department of Radio-Television-Film
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station A0800
Austin, TX 78712-0108
Office: 512-475-8648
Fax: 512-471-4077

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