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Greetings from Sunny Costa Rica!

March 18, 2015
Greetings from Sunny Costa Rica!

Yesterday was a FULL day...

After waking early, we drove three hours to Manuel Antonio National Park. Along the way, we stopped to see crocodiles swimming and sun bathing by a muddy river and to enjoy some fresh coconut water. The drive was beautiful, passing through a palm plantation, and the first view of the ocean elicited a spontaneous collective cheer.

In the very hot and humid town of Quepos, we parked our bus at Espadillas Hotel and walked to the park. To get to the beach, we hiked about a mile through the rainforest, stopping along the way when we saw a deer and then again to spot a sloth -- both animals were very close to the trail! The ocean water was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity. After cooling off, jumping waves, and body surfing for a couple hours we paused to have lunch. We made avocado sandwiches and had fresh mangoes for dessert, which attracted 3 or 4 white-faced monkeys and a small pack of raccoon... while these animals were new sights for us, they were also aggressive pests, and we had to make a lot of noise and even wield large sticks to show them we meant business and our lunch was NOT theirs!

After a couple more hours of shell collecting, body surfing, sun bathing, and just general "beaching," we left the park at closing time to head to the public beach. In our walk out of the park, we heard the low, ghastly sound of howler monkeys and spotted one waving its tail in a tree. We were also joined by a large troop of smaller, brown monkeys. At the public beach the waves were much larger and there were more activities going on: jet skiing and para-sailing (not for us!). We were treated to the site of pelicans diving for fish and the beginning of a sunset.

For our final activity of the day, we walked up to the hotel where we had parked our car. We showered and had a nice, three-course dinner. We sat in small groups and enjoyed the tropical breeze and lounge music.

Our ride back was a bit longer than the ride to the beach because the main highway into the Central Valley was closed due to an accident. As we wove our way through a mountain road, many of us slept, awoken periodically when the radio announcers announced three goals for Eddy's home-town soccer team, competing in the CONCACAF semi-finals (they won their first game against Americas, a team from Mexico). The transition from bus to bed was fairly natural, and many of us still felt the sway of the ocean waves as we drifted off to sleep...

Pura Vida,

Nate, Jenn, Eddy, and Lani

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