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School News

Santa Fe School becomes part of South Africa’s School in the Cloud

SFSAS Middle School math teacher’s videos gain attention of educators half a world away

When Gary Fulreader, SFSAS' Middle School math teacher, started filming his algebra instruction three years ago for his students, he never imagined that students on another continent would be tuning in. Last month, Fulreader was contacted via his YouTube channel by Gladys Pienaar at The nonprofit organization works to deliver meaningful content free of charge to all South Africans to address the dire standards of education in the country.

"I wanted to give my students an extra resource, especially for new concepts that were on the homework. I am happily surprised that other kids and teachers are finding it useful. In fact I get positive comments each week from kids all over the world who are actively watching my videos. The coolest thing of all is that my students now feel like they are actively participating in making a difference in world learning” said Fulreader, who is in his 8th year at SFSAS.

Nathan Moore, who teaches science, algebra and STEM in the middle school, is also a contributor to the math-focused YouTube channel. The public channel has 300 videos. Topics include Solving Linear Systems by Substitution, Graphing Quadratic Equations and Solving “Work” Word Problems. The channel has 432 subscribers and 78,811 views.

Because many poor rural South African communities have limited bandwidth to stream the videos, contacted Fulreader for permission to download the content and make SFSAS Middle School math classes available to South Africa for its South African School Curriculum. Fulreader and SFSAS granted the organization international use of the videos so that eventually this “school in the cloud” can be rolled out to other countries.

"A good education and access to knowledgeable, caring teachers are essential for every student's success. Gary and Nate's YouTube videos are a brilliant example of how teachers and nations can use technology to bridge together teachers and students for the betterment of all the world's children,” said SFSAS Principal Geetha Holdsworth. “This approach dovetails with our school's goals to connect globally, and to serve students as best as we can." 

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