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At SFSAS, we believe that a school is a big part of the life narrative of every student. SFSAS Alumn August Honnell (Class of 2011) has a story to tell. August had the honor of presenting his work to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi! The former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was touring the Santa Fe Community College's Trades and Advanced Technology Center. During her opening remarks at a press conference with Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, the Congresswoman noted how impressed she was by August.

Tim Honnell, also father to Abi (Stargazer) and Grace (Centaur), recounts the story of his son August at our Middle School.

"'I'm a scientist and an inventor," August would tell me. He was three. At 17, not much has changed, his passion for science and technology have kept him really busy. His journey had many challenges. At school, [before SFSAS], he never really fit in, he struggled. Nikki, August's mom, always recognized this and made sure his needs were met. This was not easy. Not many believed in him. August's challenges were very complex. He had a learning style that objected to the schools he attended. Nikki's perseverance in finding a place for August led her to Ginger at The Learning Center. She worked with August and recognized his brilliance. The bond between them grew strong. We, as parents, were so happy. August found a place at Ginger's - a place to learn, to feel safe,to explore the ideas in his beautiful mind.

We wanted August to attend a school with other children, one that would accept him for the special boy he is. Our friend Bert expressed to Nikki that her son Jake was going to this wonderful school, Santa Fe School For The Arts & Sciences. We put August on the list and said a prayer. We didn't know if this school would be a fit, but we were hopeful. We got the news -- he got in! We arrived. It felt good. We were very anxious, so traumatized by our history in other schools. We didn't feel comfortable until our first student-led conference. Nikki and I were very nervous. We were afraid. Old emotions resurfaced. Please God, let this be good. Three smiles met us as we entered the room Rayna, Gary and Geetha. August proceeded to show his accomplishments with such pride. I'm not quite sure what happened next, but I do know that I started to cry. Joy filled my heart. August had found his home in this school. He finally fit in! "So much to offer!" Rayna would say. "So intelligent!" Gary would add. "He's on his way to writing his first essay!" responded Geetha. August's journey continues and I'm so proud of him! He owns his future. He's grateful for his past. Thank you, SFSAS! 

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