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Perli and Todd’s Ren Fair Gratitude Message 2018

September 18, 2018

Working Together, We Shape our Community

It is our practice in EL Education schools to begin with a reading. We start this message of gratitude with a poem by David Whyte.

“Working Together”

We shape our self 
to fit this world

and by the world 
are shaped again.

The visible and the invisible
working together in common cause, 

to produce the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way
the intangible air traveled at speed

round a shaped wing easily
holds our weight.

So may we, in this life 
trust to those elements 

we have yet to see
or imagine,

and look for the true shape
of our own self, 

by forming it well to the
great intangibles about us.

Dear Arts & Sciences Community,

We both walked away from this weekend’s Renaissance Fair with glowing hearts. Bones and backs tired, but invigorated nonetheless. It was as if, as the poem illuminates -- we were held aloft by the intangible. At school events like the Renaissance Fair, we sweat, we serve, and during allergy season, we sneeze and sniffle together. Yes, it is important that we raise money for our school, helping us stay strong and vibrant ($17,197!) , but the source of our glowing hearts was not connected to dollar signs. On that Sunday evening, we still had no clue how much we raised. Instead, as Golondrinas winded down the event, we reminisced with Geetha and recounted stories to each other about getting to know new parents, watching families chat and strengthen friendships, seeing students step up and show their responsibility and resilience by running games, sometimes on their own. Together we put smiles on fairgoers, young and old. Together we raised money for our school, but more importantly we shaped our trust in each other. In this time we spend together, we build and strengthen the invisible structure of community.

Our curriculum anchor text, the EL Education Core Practices book, is the most earmarked book on campus. On page one, it states, “The school community is a place where all students and adults feel that they belong, support each other to succeed, and are inspired to be their best selves.”

As community members, you create the feeling of belonging, and each day inspire us to be our best selves! Thank you!

Todd & Perli

Special Thank Yous

  • This year we were grateful to have our Ren Fair games under a big shady tent. Thank you to our Decor Team! Hasita Harrington, Gina Kinstle and Lisa Van De Graaff created the dragons’ eggs nest and festooned our tent with the whimsy and delight of real fairies.
  • As part of our collaboration with El Rancho de las Golondrinas, our school provides lunch for our volunteers and the Royal Court. Thank you to Patrick Lambert, Badger dad and Cowgirl co-owner, who generously provided lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Congratulations and thank you to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Cynthia Delbello, who went above and beyond the call of duty!

Ren Fair would not be a successful fundraiser without our generous sponsors:

Egolf, Ferlic & Harwood 


Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center 

Jambo Cafe

Our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, especially Ren Fair volunteer and leader Doug Lonngren, Ciela and Zubin’s Step Granddad, who also built all of the games. Ren Fair would not be possible without him! The small Golondrinas staff incredibly made this the largest and most well-attended event in Santa Fe County, with more than 9,000 people attending. Thank you especially to Dan Goodman, Vic Macias and Sean Paloheimo at Golondrinas!





Yuki MurataRonny Beeman, Gray and OdinJoDe and Russ Baker



Luke & Ry JonesTomas LovejoyMaya Glass, Lily Carr and Isa Clark


Kathryn Ugoretz and Tomas Lovejoy

Kadin BaconJoDe & Russ Baker

Ally Rose Jones

Isabel Somma, Janine Johnston & Lena

Steck Harwood and Willy Wilcox

Logan & Michael Maloney and Jan Konings, Matt Blakeslee & Monique Lacoste, Lily CarrTom & Isa Clark, Maya Glass, Emilio Leon, Ren Murata-Long, Yuki Murata & Chris Long, Joaquinn Vargas-Frenz




Blas Uberuaga, Lisa Van De Graaff & Rose Uberuaga-Van De Graaff

Allan & Max OliverAndrea Mays & Dariah Mays-Dominguez


Luca Boyles

Gyurmay Digkhang

Lena Johnston


Quinn Simons

Aksel Johnson

Skylar Bixby, Isa & Tom Clark, Maya Glass, Beau Herndon, Amea Lombardo

Leo Stewart

Gardner Yadzinski & Susanna Space

Charles Gamble, Sarah Spengler & Seth Cohen

Kathryn and Rob Ingram

Allan & Max Oliver

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