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Middle School Play

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School News

Compassionate Communication Workshop

Come learn about the social emotional practices used in the Early Childhood program of Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences.

The two-session workshop, facilitated by Suzanne Maheshi Shakespeare-Jones and Aurora Hvidsten, will give parents a chance to learn the compassionate communication techniques and practices developed at our school over our 18-year history.

Saturday, April 7, 9:30-noon
During the 1st session, we’ll learn about child development theories that support the understanding of limits, ways to speak to your children so that they will listen, and ways to support children in speaking with compassion in order to foster deep listening skills.

Saturday, April 21, 9:30-noon
During the 2nd session, we will have time to reflect on what was learned during the first session and share experiences about using the new practices. We will dive deeper into child development theories as we learn to use stories and stuffed animals to help children develop social emotional confidence, resilience, and healthy friendships.

Parents are encouraged to attend both workshops as a series. However, the sessions are designed to be stand-alone workshops.

Workshop fees
We would like to encourage folks to sign up for both sessions and either sign up with a friend or significant other.
$40/person/workshop or
Sign up as a pair! $60/pair/workshop or
Sign up as a pair for the series! $100/pair/workshop (BEST VALUE!)

Lunch and refreshments included. Please email to register. Space is limited. We are unfortunately unable to offer childcare for this series.

Words of Wisdom from Our Students

As part of the Middle School's Expedition entitled "The Complexities of Othering," each class wrote and created a PSA or public service announcement. The 8th Graders reflected on times when people felt "othered" by something they said or did. They resolved to make changes.

The 7th Graders remind us that you don't have to stay silent when you see people being "othered." They give us all specific suggestions about how we can help.

These PSAs were produced as an arts-integrated collaboration of the Middle School's Humanities Class, Moving Images Program, and Life Skills Class. Our thanks to teachers Arin Dineen, Dina Jansen, Joseph Smith and Magdalena Karlick.

SFSAS featured in national video about arts and education

SFSAS had the honor of being a featured school in an EL Education video about arts integration; you will see some of our master teachers plying their craft with students. This video, which will be included in an upcoming EL Education book, will be shown to other schools to demonstrate how the arts can be an integral part of education.

Teaching in and through the Arts—Three School Case Studies from EL Education on Vimeo.

SFSAS ranked #14 in Top 50 Best Private Elementary Schools in the U.S. ranked Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences #14 in a list of Top 50 Best Private Elementary Schools in the Country. selected SFSAS, based on several weighted factors, including academic excellence, extracurricular richness, geographical and demographical diversity, and reputation.  “The news was a huge surprise,” said Geetha Holdsworth, SFSAS Principal. “We did not expect it because we didn’t do anything to apply for the ranking. It is exciting for our community and great validation for the passion, hard work and commitment of our board, faculty and staff. As an Expeditionary Learning school, we are committed to creating an academically challenging curriculum in a culture of respect and compassion.”  

According to the website, ranking criteria included:

● Schools must have at least three of the six grades (first through sixth)

● Have a reputation for producing students who are well prepared to take the next steps in their education

● Though they are organized as businesses, schools have a reputation for treating families with fairness and compassion

● Schools actively seek to treat parents as partners in the educational process

● Schools openly and regularly celebrate the students and their accomplishments

SFSAS teacher featured in EL/Harvard Illuminating Standards Project

A collaboration between Expeditionary Learning and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Illuminating Standards Project has two main questions: 

  • What do standards actually look like when met with integrity, depth and imagination?

  • How can we have a deeper, richer dialogue about state standards, particularly what they mean and look like in actual student work?

As part of the Illuminating Standards Project, Harvard graduate students were invited to produce short films that show what a close look at student work reveals and illuminates about Common Core and other standards, like the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Harvard 2015 Master's Candidate Elliot Dickson chose to feature Stargazer 1st/2nd grade teacher Chintan Kess and the expedition she designed called Original Physics Experiments. The film, which also featured SFSAS Alumni Kit Willey (Class of 2013) and Landon Tafoya (Class of 2014) was part of a Harvard Graduate School of Education Film Festival, featured in an  Education Week blog, and recently shown during an EL professional development online class.  The video can be found on EL's Center for Student Work.  Kudos to Chintan and her Stargazer scientists!

Santa Fe School becomes part of South Africa’s School in the Cloud

SFSAS Middle School math teacher’s videos gain attention of educators half a world away

When Gary Fulreader, SFSAS' Middle School math teacher, started filming his algebra instruction three years ago for his students, he never imagined that students on another continent would be tuning in. Last month, Fulreader was contacted via his YouTube channel by Gladys Pienaar at The nonprofit organization works to deliver meaningful content free of charge to all South Africans to address the dire standards of education in the country.

"I wanted to give my students an extra resource, especially for new concepts that were on the homework. I am happily surprised that other kids and teachers are finding it useful. In fact I get positive comments each week from kids all over the world who are actively watching my videos. The coolest thing of all is that my students now feel like they are actively participating in making a difference in world learning” said Fulreader, who is in his 8th year at SFSAS.

Nathan Moore, who teaches science, algebra and STEM in the middle school, is also a contributor to the math-focused YouTube channel. The public channel has 300 videos. Topics include Solving Linear Systems by Substitution, Graphing Quadratic Equations and Solving “Work” Word Problems. The channel has 432 subscribers and 78,811 views.

Our Middle School

Our middle school program is committed to supporting and promoting the academic and emotional growth of adolescents. Our curriculum gives students the blueprints for learning, invites divergent and creative thinking, teaches the skills necessary in the 21st Century, and instills and encourages the desire for further learning. We believe that students learn best in a diverse community and are committed to creating a student body who reflects New Mexico, our nation, and the world. 

What is Expeditionary Learning?
As an Expeditionary Learning school, Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences is committed to learning that is meaningful, in which students apply their skills and knowledge to real-world issues and problems and make positive change in their communities. Expeditionary Learning uses an inquiry-based, project-based approach to learning that challenges students to think critically, work collaboratively and present their learning to authentic audiences. We connect high quality academic learning to adventure, service, and character development.

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